• IV - Margo

    Marital Structure : 10 - Couple - You must obtain a spouse or unmarried partner.

    Number of Children : 1 - One

    Primary Income (Margo) : 14 - Non-Standard Career
           C2 : Robot Crafter - Make your money through the Non-Deadly Robot Crafting Station.

    Secondary Income (Meadow) : 1 - Standard Career
           C1 : Gamer

    Generation Goal : 2 - Perfect Careers - All careers and jobs for the heir (and the spouse, if applicable) must be raised to the highest level. In addition, all skills related to the career must be maximum. E.g If sim A is in the Athletic Career must have maximum skills in Body, Mechanic, Charisma, Cooking and creativity (You can find what skills you need in the career path on the sims wiki) and sim B is a florist meaning they must obtain a gold badge in floral arranging and maximum in creativity.
    If one of your sims is a Job Hopper, they don’t have to do anything special. If this doesn’t apply to either of your sims (ie one is a DJ and the other has no career, or the both are job hoppers), then re-roll for this category.

    Miscellaneaous Fun : 9 - Fashion Diva - Your Sim likes to keep up with the latest trends. They must Plan Outfit and change at least ONE of their outfits at least once a Sim week (Sunday AM to Saturday PM).

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