• [Sims 4] Joe-Lee Crystal - CC

    Hello there !

    Pingouin II devait être ma fondatrice pour ce Let's Play (ahem), mais plus je la regarde, plus je me dis qu'elle fait pas fondatrice ? I hadn't talked french properly for months, I'm sorry :'D

    (This blog is not gonna suddenly become an english one, but I just can't put my french straight right now, so-)

    Like, she doesn't look like a founder, I guess ? Yeah.

    So, I decided to create a new one, who kinda fit my own self. And I love her so so so much, like, I spent a fair amount of time on this Sim and am so freaking proud of her, so I hope y'all gonna like her as much as I do :D

    Also, her CAS video is right there, if y'all interested in this shit : here (I should propably be more active on that whole channel thing, but I'm a really lazy person).

    Kits & Packs utilisés : Accessoires Vintage, Ambiance Patio, Au Travail, Comme au Cinéma, Dans la Jungle, Destination Nature, Détente au Spa, En Plein Air, Fitness, Jour de Lessive, Saisons, Vie Citadine
    Custom ContentCC List ('cause there's a lot)
    Traits : Amatrice d'Art, Réticente à S'engager, Sang Chaud
    Aspiration : Sim aux Multiples Talents

    Jeune Adulte - Humaine

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    [Sims 4] Joe-Lee Crystal - CC

  • Commentaires

    Kalou Simlish
    Mardi 25 Septembre 2018 à 22:04
    Wow, she is so beautiful <3

    I'll go watch your video later, when I'll have more time :')

    Until then : good job little Pinguoin ;p

    (T'as vu, j'ai parlé anglais pour te faire plaisir xD )
      • Jeudi 27 Septembre 2018 à 08:48

        Aw, thanks :3

        Whenever you want, it's not gonna disappear ~

        Thanks again, young Kalou sarcastic

        (Niah, niah, c'est revenu entre temps x))

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