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    If it makes money out of thin air, it’s not allowed! Ends when the third generation heir becomes an adult.

    The Founder: Create a male or female sim in CAS who will act as your founder. You can assign them any personality you like, by randomizing or picking everything yourself.

    Moving In: Your founder must purchase a 4 x 4 lot for their trailer home to sit on. Here are the requirements for your first trailer:

    • The “trailer” must be on a foundation that is exactly 6x20. You are allowed to use the Column Deck foundation since it’s the cheapest.
    • You must put paint or wallpaper on every interior and exterior wall.
    • Each room with an exterior wall must have at least one window.
    • There must be a stove and refrigerator.
    • There must be at least three counter tops in the kitchen.
    • There must be a kitchen sink.
    • There must be at least one toilet and one tub (the tub is required! You can use a tub/shower combo fixture, but just a shower isn’t allowed).

    NOTE:  Be mindful of where you build the founder’s trailer on the 4 x 4 lot. By the end of the challenge you might have to fit at least two more 6 x 20 trailers on the same lot!  Maybe more. As well as a driveway, some trucks, possibly an outbuilding or two, and maybe a garden and/or pond. Not to mention all that yard sale stuff. Plan ahead.


    Splitting Heirs: This challenge will run for 4 generations, like this:

    • Founder
    • First Heir
    • Second Heir
    • Third Heir

    There is a minimum requirement of four pregnancies every generation. If one pregnancy results in multiple babies, it still only counts as one pregnancy. More than four pregnancies is acceptable!

    All children in the main house who are born to the heir or the heir’s spouse are eligible for becoming the next heir, regardless of their parentage.

    They can adopt, but the child must be adopted as an infant to be eligible for heir. Adoption does not count as a pregnancy.

    Spore-grown plant babies are allowed, but they are NOT eligible for heir (only because they have no teen stage).  They do not count as a pregnancy.

    Children born to another playable Sim who is NOT a member of the main challenge house are only eligible for heir if the child is adopted into the main house as an infant.


    Marriage and death: The only requirement is that they find a significant other and get married. Here are the restrictions:

    • The future spouse must quit their job (if they have one) based on the employment restrictions listed below.
    • Anything in the spouse’s inventory must stay in their inventory!  You cannot sell these items until they have their first yard sale in the summer.
    • You can pick ONE item out of the spouse’s inventory to use on the lot, and only one.  Everything else stays in inventory until the yard sale.
    • Career rewards the future spouse has already unlocked can be placed on the lot and used.  With the exception of any career reward that earns money!
    • Either the founder or the future spouse must be showing their pregnancy before the wedding can take place!
    • The wedding must take place before the first baby is born.  Don’t wait too long!
    • The founder and every heir must throw a wedding party!
    • They can only “get married” while the wedding party timer is still running.
    • You must purchase the Fruit Punch Barrel ($145) for the party!
    • You can only delete the Fruit Punch Barrel after it runs out of punch and the price is zero.
    • There must be a photobooth picture of the founder, every heir, and their spouses in the trailer(s) by the end.

    Chances are the future spouse is going to bring some money into the household! Here’s how you handle that:

    Any funds the spouse brings into the household can be used right away.

    If the spouse brings in a significant amount of money, here is what you have to do:

    • Up to 5000: Do with it what you like!
    • 5000-8000: Buy a truck and a driveway ($2400 total).
    • 8000-10000: Buy a truck, a driveway, and the old junker ($3200 total).
    • 10000-12000: You get a doublewide trailer!
    • 12000-15000: You get a doublewide, a truck, a driveway, and the old junker!
    • Over 15000:  You get your own huntin’ land!  This will be a vacation lot in the woods (requires Bon Voyage) or a non-business community lot in their home neighborhood. 

    Here are the requirements:

    • The lot must be furnished and cost at least 5000 less than the total inheritance the household acquired.  Example: Granny kicked off and left the main house a sum total of 47000 simoleons.  The heir must then purchase a lot that costs at least 42000 simoleons.
    • The smallest lot you can buy is 3x3.  Any larger lot is allowed.
    • Getting a 3x3 to cost that much will require putting things on it!  Plenty of trees, some tents, a hot spring, toilets, etc.
    • Keep in mind this is “hunting land” so make it a camp ground or build a small cabin.  Make sure they have everything they will need for a full day or an extended stay (toilets, beds, showers, barbeque grills, etc).
    • Add whatever else you think the family would enjoy (a swing for the kids, a fishing hole, etc), excluding items that will earn them money.  Digging and fishing are allowed!


    Raising the Kids: Teenagers are just completely uncontrollable. Literally. When a child becomes a teen you are no longer allowed to give them ANY commands! (Influence is allowed!  USE IT) You are allowed to use a couple of free commands right after a teen ages up in order to send them to a dresser to plan their outfit(s) and/or to a mirror to change their appearance. The dresser and the mirror are it! After that they are on their own.

    Employment, or lack of:  Only one adult in the household is allowed to work at a time. Teens can't work.


    The Annual Yard Sale: When summer rolls around its’ time to unload that unwanted stuff! Your founder will need to open a “home business” for the first yard sale and you keep this same home business for the duration of the challenge. Each heir can pass on the business perks they earned to the next heir. There are restrictions:

    • The yard sale can only happen during the summer season. Any day is fine, as long as it’s during the summer.
    • All prices must be set to “ridiculously cheap” which is 50% cheaper than retail.
    • The sale can only run from sun-up to sun-down. That’s 7 AM to 7 PM (7:00 to 19:00).
    • Anything that isn’t sold this time must be kept around until the next yard sale (next summer). Either in the yard or in the trailer.
    • You can use earned business perks EXCEPT the money ones!
    • You cannot sell vehicles! If you have too many in the yard, just give them to spares when they move out. But really, I’ve never known a redneck who thought you could have “too many” junk vehicles in the yard.
    • You can only sell lemonade from the lemonade stand during a yard sale. It needs to be left alone the rest of the year.


    Keepin’ up appearances: Tents in the yard are allowed!

    • Broken electronics cannot be repaired. If a TV, stereo, or computer breaks down, you have to put it in the yard for the next yard sale.
    • Broken plumbing is the only thing that can be repaired.
    • If you get new furniture or plumbing, or upgrade the appliances, you cannot sell the old ones!  They have to go outside in the yard until the next yard sale. You may store yard sale items in an extra trailer or outbuilding on the lot.
    • You can’t sell windows or doors, but you can add new ones. If you don’t know where to put the old windows, doors, and ceiling lights, then maybe it’s time to build a garage out of the scraps.

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