• V - Agaitha

    Forte possibilité que j'ignore une partie d'une restriction,
    parce que je suis là avant tout pour m'amuser sarcastic

    Marital Structure : 3 - Single Parent - The single parent must raise all required children on his/her own. Your single parent sim may marry or have a live in partner BEFORE the first child is born or adopted, but that spouse/partner must be moved out the household within 24 hours after the first child is born or adopted. The single parent sim must remain single until the youngest child has reached the midpoint of its teenage stage ( There are 15 sim days in the teenage lifespan so 7days before the teenager become an adult), your single parent sim may move in or parry a partner, if you so desire. The partner can be anyone you wish.

    Number of Children : 3 - Two

    Primary Income (Agaitha) : 15 - Job hopper- Must play a sequence of careers in order, playing each until you reach level 5, or for a week in sim-time. Roll 10 times for the different careers and play them in order you rolled them.
              C1 : Athletic
                     Law Enforcement
                     Natural Scientist

    Generation Goal : 4 - Fulfilled - Both your heir and their spouse (if applicable) must obtain their LTW. Changing their LTW via aspiration rewards is allowed.
    In addition, any want that is “promised” (That is, pinned to the board) MUST be fulfilled. You may only cancel a promised want if it become impossible to fulfil (I.e Bring home an A+ but your sim has transitioned into an Adult, or “Play a game with >Sim< when the said sim has died.) You so not have to promise every or even any wants, but once promised this rule applies.

    Miscellaneaous Fun : 4 - Alienated - Have at least one Alien child through abduction. This can count on top of your rolled amount of children.

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